What paper do you use for your watercolours?

I usually use Canson Watercolour Paper Pad (which is 140lb cold-pressed paper), as well as Arches Watercolour Paper - Block Pad


Do you do logos/tattoo designs?

Yes! This would be included as a commission.

Logos : I make this work by drawing/painting the logo by hand on paper, mailing you the original, then you can scan it and use it as needed OR it can be done digitally. Just send me an email so we can talk about the details!

Tattoos : Send me an email so we can begin talking about the design. If I think I am the artist for you, I will draw it out, then mail you the original for you to keep and use! Note: Designing tattoos for people can be tricky since most people are very specific with their vision.. If you want me to design you a tattoo, it's a good idea to either have a very detailed description of what you want, or be open to letting me design it for the most part.

Purchasing : I will begin working on your piece after we plan and once it is purchased. After all details are finalized between us, I will send you an invoice via email!