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Mood Board

Taking a longgg 'vacation' (visiting my family in below zero weather) has really cleared my mind and makes it feel like I'm starting FRESH! It's given me a chance to get out of any creative blocks I had before!! Here are some things that got me totally inspired to crank out some new works just in time for spring!

Clean work space! I've been away from my desk for nearly 2 month, and I'm so ready to get back, get organized, and get WORKING!

A pop of bright color! Warm earthy tones are an all year inspo for me, but just thought of spring coming makes me and my mood feel.. bright!

Sun.. and sun hats! I can finally feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I know spring hasn't even started yet, but I'm ready for the summer sun - and am totally gonna cave and get myself a sun hat, asap!

Fruit! Excited to create some more gouache paintings of fruit! And of course.. beach scenes!


Are you more of a spring or summer person?



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