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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This month is all about starting fresh. Starting this year with a different look on things, and to always try to better yourself. Of course you shouldn't wait until January 1st of each year to make changes to better yourself and/or your life, but it's a nice reminder to look back on the previous year and really focus on the things you're proud of, and things you want to improve!

For me, I really want to create more. I say that all the time, but this year I'm making it my main priority. Along with that comes the need to focus on myself/my art instead of scrolling through instagram for 25% of my day, hoping inspiration will spark. Of course it is a great place to find amazing art from other creators, but as Picasso said, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working". LOVE THAT, and I'll constantly be running that through my mind this year! The less I am focusing on others' creations and comparing it to mine, the more time I'll have to create my own stuff!


Most of my 'moods' and inspirations will basically stay consistent through the year, but based on these gorgeous images, here's this month's inspiration..

Golden Hour. Nothing beats the warm colours and cozy feels that come with this time.

ALL THE SHELLS & mermaid vibes. I've always been a sucker for anything with shells.. I thought earrings would be a perfect way to bring my love for shells & jewelry together! 

Detail crops of body shapes. I'll be creating many pieces like this.. Putting the focus on every little perfect imperfection is just beautiful, and I hope it helps everyone learn to love every part.

Being eco-friendly. I'm really focusing on making my packaging supplies recycled, natural, and re-usable!

GOLD! I'm obsessed with anything gold, especially if it's on anything with a vintage style! I will definitely be using it on my earrings & clay pieces!

Organization! Mostly for my 'studio', which is basically a desk in the corner of out room. But I struggle with keep my work and supplies neat, so thats a big goal too! Plus, it just looks way better!


What were your highlights of 2018, and what are your biggest goals of 2019?



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