February Moodboard

Mood Board

Since it’s felt like -50°F lately in Minnesota (not exaggerating), I’ve been daydreaming of a far away paradise. Even though I can’t create much art this month, I still get inspired and thought maybe this moodboard could inspire you and/or your work! Seeing photos of beaches, harsh shadows, and palm trees has been keeping me ALIVE (and jealous). Here's what's inspiring me this month:


Bright sun, harsh shadows. I'm dying for some sun. PLUS this combo is obviously just aesthetically pleasing, and will make for some rad paintings.

Shells, still.... 

Beach settings / items. Really wanting to paint some beach umbrellas, surf boards, and swimwear flat lays.

Greek islands. Fact about me: I'm 100% obsessed with Mamma Mia, mostly #2, I mean - can I be young Donna? Although the movie was actually shot in Croatia, I'm still dreaming of living on a little greek island. 


Image credits on instagram (going left to right and down, as if you're reading a book):

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